07 March 2024 19:03:58


The 5th edition of the MW100 - Turkey's Largest Electricity Producers Report, prepared by Energy Daily and international consulting firm Kearney, has been published last week. The MW100 Research, based on Energy Market Regulatory Authority data, determines the 100 largest electricity producers in Turkey according to their consolidated production capacities in different regions.

According to the research conducted, based on the installed capacities of electricity producers as of December 31, 2023, Polat Energy maintained its leading position in Turkey in the field of wind energy with its capacity of 708 MW, as it has for years.

Source: MW100 Largest Electricity Producers research is published

Polat Energy, which has been at the leader of wind energy in Turkey for years, constitutes approximately 5.4% of Turkey's wind energy production capacity. SOMA RES, one of the wind power plants under Polat Energy, with a installed capacity of 288.1 MW, holds the position of Turkey's largest wind energy plant. GEYCEK RES, with its installed capacity of 168 MW, is the fourth-largest wind energy plant in Turkey.

Generating 2.1 billion kWh of electricity with its renewable energy power plants in 2023, Polat Energy meets the electricity needs of approximately 610 thousand people. With its portfolio of plants, Polat Energy achieves an emission reduction equivalent to approximately 53 million tree plantings each year, totaling around 1.3 million tons of greenhouse gases.

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