Working Towards a Sustainable Future

The future of the Earth and humanity is under threat. Increasing population and consumption habits of the modern world are destroying the natural life. The damage is reaching to unrecoverable levels, but we know the solution: Sustainability is our biggest guide in this struggle.

Renewable energy resources lie at the heart of the concept of sustainability. Polat Enerji was established in 2000 with this vision.  Our investments were initially focused on Turkey's wind potential. In a short period, we have built four wind energy and one solar energy power plant that generate clean energy.

Our first wind power plant, Soma WPP, started commercial operation in 2009. Commissioning of Seyitali WPP, Poyraz WPP and Geycek WPP took place in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. In 2022, Göktepe WPP was taken under operation. Several extension projects were completed within our existing power plants over the years. Finally, our first solar power plant, Cıngıllı SPP was commissioned at the end of 2019. Soma WPP is Turkey's largest wind power plant with an installed capacity of 288,1 MW while Geycek WPP is the fifth largest wind power plant in the country with 168 MW of installed power. With all its wind energy investments, Polat Enerji is currently the biggest wind energy investor of Turkey.
Polat Enerji generates approximately 2 billion kWh of electricity annually, meeting the electricity demand of 610,000 people. Every year, our wind power plants reduce approximately 1.25 million tons of carbon dioxide which can be eliminated by planting 50 million trees.

Accountable to current and future generations for the impact of our activities on all natural and human habitats, we consider environmental respect to be a major criterion in our industrial choices. Additionally, we are committed to operating our businesses in a manner that keeps our employees and business partners safe. We believe that every accident is avoidable, and we aim to improve our performance by encouraging transparency and respecting health and safety measures.

As sustainability is a life and business philosophy for us, we are proud to be one of the top companies for renewable energy sector in our country.