13 December 2023 09:12:35

Polat Energy Receives Another Award from ICCI!

Continuing its activities in the energy sector with the aim of adding value to the world and the ecosystem and leaving a clean and sustainable world for future generations, Polat Energy received an award from the ICCI Energy Awards. The Göktepe Wind Energy Plant, owned by Polat Energy with a installed capacity of 121.1 MW, was selected as the Best Wind Energy Plant at the 10th ICCI Energy Awards Ceremony held on December 6. The Energy Oscars Awards, given within the scope of ICCI - Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, the most prestigious international energy event in Turkey and the region, rewarded the leading companies that generate Turkey's energy strength in a magnificent ceremony this year as well. Eda Polat Gkinosatis, a member of the Board of Directors of Polat Holding, expressed the pride of being deemed worthy of the award by ICCI this year. She stated, "With the awareness of the importance that the renewable energy sector carries both nationally and globally, Polat Energy prioritizes wind and solar energy in our investments. Being awarded the Best Wind Energy Plant at ICCI, which brings together industry professionals, investors, academics, and public officials, is a source of great happiness for us. This success belongs to all our team members who work together with us for a sustainable future." For more information: Karin Şamo / İdea Public Relations / karin.samo@idea-pr.com / +90 530 762 63 75 About Polat Energy Established in 2000 by Adnan Polat, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polat Holding, Polat Energy Group is currently the largest investor and leader in wind energy in Turkey with 700 MW installed capacity in operation. Polat Energy produces clean energy equivalent to the annual electricity supply of 530,000 people and contributes to the reduction of approximately 1.3 million tons of CO₂e emissions, equivalent to planting about 53 million trees, through its clean energy production.