01 November 2007

80 Billion YTL Application For The Wind

Energy companies applied to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) for 80 billion YTL investment license.

As many applications as the total installed power of Turkey in the electricity sector. After a 1.5 year recess, for the manufacturing facilities based on wind energy, EMRA, receives license applications as many as the total installed power of  Turkey in electricity. Since it was announced that the license applications would be accepted today, the companies queuing up in front of EMRA from 08.30 a.m. were taken into the tender hall at 9.30 a.m. 

Nearly all of the companies operating in the energy sector in Turkey such as Sanko, Polat Energy, Iberdrola, Zorlu, Enerjisa, BP, Westwint submitted their applications through the new companies that they set up. The companies handed over documents in thick files and even in suitcases to the tender committee asthey came with their power plant projects and maps. The investor companies handed in their letters of guarantee of 10 thousand YTL for each energy generation of 1 MW with their documents. It was stated that the investments that the companies applied for the wind energy generation was approximately 40 thousand megawatts (MW) and that this figure was close to the total installed power of Turkey. 

It was also said that the cost of investment that the companies would make in the wind for each 1 MW was 2 million YTL, and therefore 40 thousands MW added up to 80 billion YTL investment.