14 May 2010

Sunset Will Have Environmentalist Power Line Installed From Izmir

Sunset, one of the best known restaurants in Istanbul business world, draw attention not with its guests but with its pioneer action in energy field. Barış Tansever, the owner of Sunset, decided to lighthen his place with electricity produced from environmentalist wind energy. In Turkey, each subscriber with annual consumption of 100 thousand kWh of electricity (approximately 25 thousand liras in annual electricity bill) could buy electricity from the private sector, not the government. Each public and private companies transfer the electricity generated in their power plants to the interconnected system established by the government. Due to this network, the manufacturer in one city can supply electricity to customer in another city. The payment is made to the subscriber company, and at the end of the month, the state electronically net off with the private company. For this reason, many companies can bargain and buy electricity cheaper than the government offers. Although the discount rate varies, the discount can be up to 30% in hydroelectric and natural gas power plants.

In this context, Tansever preferred the environmentalist energy, and made an agreement with Polat Enerji, which produce electricity from wind power plants. Tansever said that the discount rate is lower than other energy resources, but the important thing is not to make saving but to establish clean energy awareness. In this way, Sunset both pays less for electricity, conducts a social responsibility project and promotes the transition to environmentally friendly energy.