20 January 2016

Polat Enerji Invests In Education

Polat Enerji, with its slogan "Children are our Future", continues its social responsibility projects. Science and Energy Laboratory, which was built in the Gelenbe Şair Eşref Primary School, was opened to students with the cooperation and support of Polat Enerji’s contractors (Enercon, Siemens and Elkin İnşaat) in Soma WPP construction.

Under the leadership of Polat Enerji COO Gökmen Topuz, Polat Enerji employees, Salih Batur from Enercon, Derya Kasarcı from Simens and school principal Çetin Yılmaz attended the opening ceremony.

Thanks to the Science and Energy Laboratory, which was opened in the Gelenbe Şair Eşref Primary School with approximately 500 students from 7 villages around the Soma WPP, students will have the opportunity to conduct the newest experiments and reinforce their education in the field of science-technology and energy.

Speaking at the opening, Çetin Yılmaz said, "Your company is known and loved by everyone in this neighbourhood. I would like to state that this philanthropy, which is beneficial and permanent for students, will be appreciated.”

Emphasizing that Polat have been working for a better future since 2000 with the renewable energy investments, they stated that they aim to support all the investments with the activities in the field of education.